Episode 8

Stadia closes its first party studios, Hitman 3 and GRID racing


February 3rd, 2021

38 mins 49 secs

Season 2

Your Host

About this Episode

A podcast which takes a look at the interesting happenings inside the world of video games. From news and reviews to the deeper aspects of the industry. Join Chris Were in a journey which takes him around the Game Sphere. Game Sphere is a podcast brought to you by the Destination Linux Network! In today's trip around the Game Sphere we take a look at Google Stadia's latest revelation, Hitman 2 and GRID racing.

00:00 - Welcome to Game Sphere
00:15 - Google is closing down its first-party Stadia game studio
20:41 - Hitman 3
33:01 - GRID racing

Google is closing down its first-party Stadia game studio

Hitman 3

GRID racing

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